There’s nothing ‘barking’ about this idea...

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RERGARDING your article “Lucky dog is bone of contention” (TN, May 3), I’m very happy that the campaign for proper facilities for our towns visitors have been put in place around me, and that some of our civic dignitaries have recognised the benefit that I can bring to the town.

It’s a shame Coun McManus with all his apparent “years of experience” can’t see a great opportunity as I did to put Todmorden on the tourist map, and begin to compete with our visitor-rich neighbours of Hebden Bridge!

I’m not qualified to comment on the political situation in our town, but it seems that when Derren Brown came here he showed us that you have to make your own luck by taking opportunities when they come along.

That’s what I have done. In the last six months (in my own free time) I and our Tourism Manager have worked to raise The Lucky Dog attraction’s profile on Welcome to Yorkshire and other websites. I (and others) have tweeted 8,000 times from the Twitter account- @LuckyDog_Tod.

Lucky has had a great response from the media and has his own face book page to create a more rational image than the banter that twitter allows. Currently he has 450 followers on Twitter. Many of whom are Derren Brown fans who have helped to promote Lucky to a wider audience.

In July a group of Derren’s fans will be visiting the town from as far as Scotland and Cornwall. Clear eveidence that supporting the attraction will bring the visitors in. I’m currently working with a someone passionate about the tourism potential in the Calder Valley to establish a Lucky Dog trust to raise funds for local charity.

So “barking” as some think the Lucky Dog project is I’m confident the sceptics will be proven wrong. The two councils can fight over who makes the investment, but be sure it will reap returns in the long run.