These paths weren’t just made for cycling - don’t forget the walkers

ON the back page of your January 5 edition, Chipps Chippendale is quoted thanking Calderdale Council for letting them “make a mess of their lovely park” with their annual mountain biking race.

I wonder who is paying for the damage - the cyclists or the taxpayer?

Or is it going to be left as it is, parts of our award winning park under five inches of thick mud?

Already mountain bikers are destroying our local footpaths, widening and deepening puddles so that in many places walkers can’t get through at this time of year.

And so many of them are rude, forcing walkers off the paths to let them pass and spraying them with mud in the process.

Check out a sample of the damage by walking a mile along any part of the canal towpath.

Now they get to destroy our park every year at a vulnerable time due to our wet winters?

Calderdale Council, give some thought to the walkers, both in the park and on the footpaths.

Many people come to visit our beautiful area to walk, and local people too should be encouraged to walk out and enjoy our countryside.

J. Robinson,

Peel Cottage Road,