They make it so hard - no wonder there is fly-tipping

IS IT any wonder that fly-tipping is such a problem in our and so many other areas?

I recently had three and a half metres of wooden garden fence replaced. I sawed the old one into pieces, bagged them up, then rang the number for bulky household waste on the calendar distributed by Calderdale Council.

I was told that this sort of thing wasn’t collected normally but I could have it removed for a fee. I was so surprised I didn’t think to ask how much this would cost, but I did say, “Eh? But I’m told there’s no charge for furniture, appliances, etc, and it’s free to take it to the tip (unless you’re a trader), only I’ve no transport.”

It was suggested that I got a friend to help - I don’t know anyone that can, and when I last did such a thing, I was told that as we’d come in a van we would be treated as traders and charged!

We left the tip and I carried the rubbish in by hand. It was all just household rubbish - I was “spring cleaning” in preparation for house decoration. Obviously I could fly-tip or burn what I’ve got but I have a conscience and can’t sink that low or make a stink that bad.

A neighbour seems to have had a similar problem and chucked theirs on a railway embankment opposite the street. I’m not doing that.

Honestly! You couldn’t make it up! Had it been scripted by the “Goons” the nation would be wetting itself laughing. Sadly we’re wiping away a tear as our landscape, beauty spots and towns sink under the tide of snack wrappers and fly-tipped waste.

Do people that don’t fill their bin to the top get a council tax rebate? If not, why not? It seems they deserve it.

A couple fewer civic marques and other needless extravagances might cover the purchase cost and staffing of another waste vehicle, shortening the dole queue slightly in the process.

Am I asking too much? I bet that few people at ground level would think so.

S Moore