They must abide by same laws as us

Garden Street,


So, Frank McManus’s was the only letter you received in response to your highly sympathetic report on David Chaytor’s fraud conviction was it?

As usual, Mr McManus misses the point entirely.

We expect the people who rule our lives to abide by the same laws as us. Mr Chaytor’s “lapse” was a prolonged, deliberate fraud involving family members over a period of three years.

Mr McManus seems to exonerate this action by claiming that he wasn’t the only one doing it.

Does he then apply the same logic to benefit fraudsters?

Over £18,000 was fraudulently claimed, originally denied by Mr Chaytor whilst trying to hide behind parliamentary privelege.

When his many appeals (funded by Legal Aid) failed and the game was up, he eventaully admitted it.

Mr McManus might consider this a lapse but I do not.

To then try and link this to an attack on Olwen Jennings for possibly accepting an approved increase in councillors pay, just because she has a different opinion on this paragon of virtue is disingenuous to say the least.

He is also fond of quoting the bible (when it suits his argument). How about “Thou shalt not steal”?


Pexwood Place,


I READ in your sister paper, the Evening Courier, in the January 8 piece on the rise and fall of David Chaytor, that in 1987 he had an unsuccessful attempt at the world stamp licking record.

I could see a ray of hope and a chance for him to ressurect himself from disgrace to glory.

Whilst serving his prison sentence if he was to have another, but this time successful attempt at the record, he would be remembered by the British people not as a disgraced politician but as a stamp-licking hero.

Once again he could become Mr Todmorden, being the man who licked Todmorden onto the philatelic world stage (or should that be page?)

A prison cell would be the ideal place to concentrate and hone his skills for what could could be a valiant return to the spotlight.

If Mr Chaytor was to adopt this plan and it proved to be successful, I would be very interested in helping him write his autobiography.

I already have several political and stamp related titles in mind.