They will still speed at 70mph

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In replying to Peggy Thomas and S Moore letters regarding the ‘Governing’ of motor vehicals to 70mph and police vehicals to 80mph as an alternative to my suggestion of speed camaras being installed at Bellholme on Rochdale Road Walsden and at Scatcliffe on Burnley Road as a deterrant to the ludricus speeds that some drivers are doing at these locations.

There is one big problem with their idea. Other than motorways which as a speed limit of 70mph all other road have a national speed limit of 60mph unless they are restricted to other speed limits for example 20mph.30mph 40mph and so on.

So ‘Governing’ vehicles at 70mph would still allow these idiot drivers to speed at 70mph in these areas. But it is nice to see that other readers are concerned with speeding drivers as I am.

Alan Godfrey