This design is cheap and uninspiring

3D artist Saul Caldwell has drawn his impression of how ASDA will look, according to the description in their plans
3D artist Saul Caldwell has drawn his impression of how ASDA will look, according to the description in their plans

I am concerned about the current Asda planning application.

Whilst I support Asda in principle, I have many reservations about their proposed design. This building appears to turn its back on the town in both style and orientation, instead of embracing it’s prominent location.

The building they have proposed bears no resemblance to that which they currently have planning permission for.

Instead, they have opted for a giant, metal shed which is entirely unsympathetic to its surroundings in style and scale. The design lacks the imagination that one would expect from a development so close to a town centre. Better, more imaginative and sympathetic examples can be found with the proposed supermarket in Hebden Bridge and the new Morrisons in Bacup.

Why should we accept this cheap option which looks like it should be located on a trading park, rather than the centre of a historic market town?

Also, Asda have opted to keep their shop frontage away from Burnley Road, resulting in a boring monolithic structure on this crucial gateway site. In the absence of any perspective views in the application, I have produced my own 3D impression of how I believe this building will look on the approach into Todmorden (pictured above right).

A building such as this, using cheap materials, will date before very long. In short, we will be replacing one eyesore with another.

This building will have a detrimental effect on the character of the town. It is cheap, uninspiring and in no way reflects the surrounding architecture. If Asda are to come here and add to their ever increasing profits through the people of this town, shouldn’t they at least build something that will enhance it visually? Whether in support or opposition, I would hope that people take the time to write to the planning department to let their views be known. The more interest there is in this development from those that live here, the more pressure will be put on the planning department to ensure that Asda do the right thing and develop this site in a way that suits us all.

Saul Caldwell, 3D Artist