This is the one MP should be backing

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So Craig Whittaker wishes to oppose the building of a Sainsbury’s store in Todmorden (Todmorden News, April 19), his reason being that it will be the death knell for the local buisness.

I have shopped regularly at Sainsburys since we moved into the area in 1984, but I still use the local shops for a fair amount of my shopping, for example, cooked meat, chemists,etc.

I would like to know why he is not opposing the planned Asda.

I do hope that Sainsburys get the go ahead, not only will it give the area a decent supermaket but it will get rid of what must be one of the biggest eyesores for miles around.

Perhaps if Craig Whittaker lived in Todmorden and not the other end of the valley, he would be more willing to get something done.

Jean Scholes,