This once-rich haven for wildlife is now just a sterile urban waste

YOUR correspondent, P.J. Wood, is indeed a friend of Shaw Wood in his condemnation of the unnecessary litter which frequently blights it.

My concern is not just with the thoughtless and lazy people who spoil such a delightful place but also with the unthinking and destructive people who have destroyed most of the vegetation in Lumbutts Lane.

This lane, which leads from Mankinholes Bank to the Top Brink, was once a haven for wildlife with its abundant and varied plants. Now it is a sterile and urban waste with only the larger trees and shrubs remaining.

It is part of the Pennine Bridleway, and at times overgrown, but there is no need to destroy so much. Horses, bicycles and people don’t need all the space between the walls.

There is a flagged path down the middle and in past years a couple of feet either side have been cleared leaving the blackberries, wild raspberries, nettles, buttercups, cow parsley, long grasses - to name but a few - for the insects, grubs, birds, frogs and toads which rely on them in one way or another.

Who then is responsible for this outrage? For outrage it is. We are constantly urged to encourage and consider wildlife, yet in the heart of one of the most beautiful places I know, much of which is classed as Special Scientific Interest, somebody has been let loose with the means to remove the very habitat we are urged to preserve.

Jennifer Moorhouse,