This should have been used as free parking trade boost

Now that some of the boarding is down, we can take a peep at the Rose Street Garden, which according to the Tod’ News front page article of May 3, has the backing of many of the towns businesses.

Well, I’m very pleased to hear that these businesses are unaffected by our double dip recession and that our shops and market traders are making record profits and employing extra staff, so benefiting the local economy.

The council seems to be forecasting warm summers and dry winters so we can all eat outside continental style, I think that they must have been influenced by the airline TV advert that told people to “top-up your tan in Todmorden.”

But I’m not convinced, the garden is going to need upkeep, it will harbour litter and undesirables and never reach maturity. In a few years it will be swept away at further expense to make way for some other hare-brain scheme.

This garden is a classical case where our council boasts on one hand, that they are doing everything to support businesses in our town, and then do the opposite by not providing the one thing every town needs, extra parking, and best of all, FREE PARKING.

This site was a golden opportunity to provide extra parking with just the cost of a few loads of road planings, a roller and sign, and virtually no maintenance. If it brought extra customers to our shops, it worked, and the problem of deciding what this patch of land is best used for is solved forever.

If Incredible Edible want to do something that everyone and the local wildlife will appreciate, cover the proposed Sainsbury’s site with wild flower seeds, I’m sure there is a DEFRA grant out there, and the local school children would be delighted to spread them. Oh, hang on, Health and Safety will crush that idea. Doesn’t it make you want to weep..?

P. B. Parkinson,