This vote was not unanimous

I MUST correct one statement made in the correspondence of your August 18 edition regarding Todmorden Town Council’s decision to reject the proposal from Sainsbury’s to build a store on the Halifax Road site.

This vote was not unanimous, as two councillors abstained from the vote.

In my opinion, both Todmorden Town Council and Calderdale Council made the wrong decision in rejecting Sainsbury’s offer. People may well disagree with me on this point but I think most will accept the fact that the site on Halifax Road is, at this moment in time, a disgrace and an eyesore, and Sainsbury’s are the ONLY people with a definite proposal to make good use of the site along with providing 150 jobs.

The alternative idea of a marina is, at least on paper, an attractive one, but I would be interested to know where the money is coming from to build it, since Todmorden Town Council do not have the funds and I doubt very much whether Calderdale Council have any cash to spare and Todmorden Pride certainly does not have the money.

Without the necessary funding, this project seems to me to be just so much “pie in the sky”. I do not know how this matter will turn out, that all depends on whether Sainsbury’s appeal the Calderdale Council decision or not, but I do believe that having Sainsbury’s here would be beneficial for Todmorden.

I would like to say that the views expressed in this letter are entirely my own personal ones and do not represent the official policy of either Todmorden Town Council, or Todmorden Liberal Democratic Party.

Brian Hewson, Stoodley ward councillor