This will bring the tourists in

BRILLIANT, brilliant, brilliant news.

At last somebody with vision who can see further than their nose! I have been championing this idea for years.

Long before the health centre was built, I said a marina was more suitable for the site.

Other towns would give their right arm to have a canal running through their town centre. It would transform Todmorden into a very attractive place to visit and would bring tourists in their droves, you only have to look at Hebden Bridge to see that.

The market and local shops would benefit with a large increase in trade as would pubs and cafes. I think all Todmordians should let their views known to Calderdale Council and back this scheme.

After all it’s us that have to live here. It’s our town and we should be proud of it and this marina would go a long way in achieving that.

Alan Godfrey, Bottomley Road, Walsden.