Time to look at the road surface now wall’s done

IN these dark, depressing days of November, it cheers me up when I am driving down the Rochdale Road into Todmorden and notice that the new flood alleviation protection wall at Shade is nearing completion after several months of stop-go traffic.

For several months it has been a case of showing lots of patience waiting for the lights to change to green, so it will be absolutely wonderful when I know I will be able to drive in and out of Todmorden without having to queue up.

It would make it even better of Calderdale Council would now also improve the road surface between the Bacup Road viaduct and the potholes outside the Bear Cafe.

I travel around many towns in the north west as part of my job and I can say without a shadow of doubt that the road surface on the Rochdale Road is the worst road I drive on when driving into any town.

P. Jones, Hollins Road, Todmorden.