TLC have got off to a great start

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After two or three years of dealing with a substandard “service” on the A and B route from First and Tyrer before them, it was so nice to use TLC’s new service this week.

I know it is early days and I don’t want to jinx it, but from what I have experienced, they have got off to a great start.

Friendly drivers who seem to like their job, lower fares and a frequent reliable service.

After years of no show buses/a bus turning up that was too large to complete the route, TLC are a breath of fresh air. For the first time in months I have seen long queues at bus stops because people actually believe the bus will turn up.

After years of having to fork out for taxi fares because I could not get up Mount Skip with shopping and my toddler in pram, it is amazing the difference to our quality of life this has made. Even just travelling to my child’s playgroup in Old Town is now one simple trip and not a long hike or a bus into town and another to Old Town.

Yes, I know First say that they were not given the minibuses from Metro to do a good job but this was only part of the problem. When a bus was not going to show or complete the journey there was no communication of this to passengers. Please TLC, take this on board, passengers are reasonable people, if there is ever a problem, update your website and put notices at the main bus stops so people know what they are doing, people will understand.

However for now, I and many others who use this route are very happy customers.

Julie Dent

Hebden Bridge