Tod can sustain one more supermarket, but not two

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Regarding the new supermarket discussions currently being aired, having moved to Todmorden last year I’d like to add my two penneth.

With its current population Tomorden can probably stand and will definitely get another supermarket. It definitely could not stand another two.

The proposed Asda site is the better of the two as this would probably help the town centre and the successful markets which must be included in the retail picture.

I moved here from Rossendale and you only have to look there to see what a disastrous effect three large supermarkets (and a Lidl) has on a town centre.

Although the Halifax Road site is not pretty at least it’s a cleared site unlike the Burnley Road site which has two ugly, boarded up buildings - the former Abraham Ormerod and Olympia building - highly visible in the town centre.

Common sense must say no to Sainsbury’s and yes to Asda.

John Brooks, Todmorden.