Tod’s ‘totally locally’ best model to follow

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WHAT a wretched future Councillor Janet Battye seeks for Halifax - thankfully not for Tod - “a place where people want to shop” (letters, December 1)!

Her dependency culture of seeking to attract “high-profile and well known retailers” by “making sites available to offer sufficient choice and range” can do but little for the people of our friendly neighbouring town which she doesn’t represent on our cobbled-together primary local authority.

It is a threat to local enterprise and local skills and would reduce the town to a replica of the bland sameness of too many places.

The affluent can get what they need, or greedily covet, elsewhere, whilst those impoverished by her Lib Dem party’s excessive cuts in coalition with Cameron will merely be affronted by the glitter.

I commend Todmorden’s “totally locally” movement to Janet, for I agree with the late Mother Theresa’s saying that she didn’t concur with “the big way of doing things”.

And will she please not use the phrase “Customer First” for the council’s information service. We are the council’s bosses, not customers! The obvious title is “Citizen First”.

One practical point regarding Halifax Library and the nearby Northgate House council headquarters that does concern the surrounding towns and villages is their proximity to the bus station, and to the market.

Elderly folk who enjoy a new lease of life, thanks to the bus passes provided by Gordon Brown at no cost to anybody, can combine sensible necessary shopping with a browse in the library and a cup of coffee nearby.

It ain’t bust, so please don’t fix it. And if Northgate House has spare space, it can accommodate the archives! Enough of the throwaway culture of dissastisfaction with fairly new buildings that aren’t quite to taste. Let councillors adapt them and be satisfield, as we citizens have to do when we can’t quite get everything we’d like.

Restlessness isn’t a virtue, nor is the Golden Calf of Consumerism.

Coun Frank McManus,

Stoodley ward, Todmorden Town Council