Tourists just don’t go anywhere to shop inside a supermarket...

THE Tod Marina, an imaginative proposal to capture tourism cash from visitors to Tod, is great idea but is it enough on its own?

Tod’s motto, “By Industry, We Prosper”, indicates a way to increase local employment and to generate cash for our local shops.

Some 40 years ago the steel town of Corby, built by and dependent on a steel company, lost its major employer when the steel works closed down. Note the similarity with Tod of lost jobs.

Corby Council put forward a relocation package to attract new businesses to employ Corby’s unemployed. As with other towns, this package offered ready to use sites with all facilities and A1 transport links.

Add to this an available work force with a sound track record plus cash incentives (ie reduced local taxes for for a settling in period).

Is it any wonder that Corby succeeded in attracting national companies (not supermarkets) to a town that provided such facilities for expanding firms? What is there to prevent Tod, in “Outer” Calderdale, from doing the same. No doubt Sainsbury’s, as is common with supermarket chains, will try again. These grocery chains seem to believe in their divine right to go where they are not wanted.

In all my years as a member of three regional tourist boards, one never heard that tourists (outside visitors) visited towns for the opportunity of buying their groceries!

Having made money elsewhere, tourists visit places for a mixture of their scenic and architectural beauty, history, events and cultural heritage both past and present. They are also attracted by a range of accommodation, eateries and individually-owned, small specialist shops.

What percentage of the tourist hordes visiting Hebden Bridge, or any similar, actually want to go inside any supermarket during their visit?

M. D. St G. Kirke, Rochdale Road, Walsden.