Towpath shouldn’t be a race track, nor pavements a cycle lane

I COULDN’T agree more with the comments made by ‘Standard Poodle Walker of Walsden’ regarding cyclist who use the canal towpath as some sort of race track.

I can honestly say that I am amazed at the speed that some of these idiots travel along the towpath.

Residing as we do at the side of the canal I see them every day zooming past with total disregard for other users and going across its juction with Bottomley Road without slowing down to see if any vehicles are coming.

I have witnessed many times cars having to brake sharply to avoid these idiots, who seem to think that it’s the car driver’s fault in some way.

My wife and I often walk along the towpath and on numerous occation have been shocked by the speed that some cyclists, who have approached from behind, travel at as they speed past without any warning.

In saying all that, there are cyclists who do respect other users but they are sadly in the minority.

On another note I think cyclists who use our roads and unlawfully use pavements as cycle lanes should have to have compulsary third party insurance as cover in case of accidents.

I don’t know if they are aware or even care that undertaking a vehicle is an offence.

The amount of times cyclists come up your nearside when you are either in slow moving traffic or stopped at traffic lights/pelican crossings, to name but two, is dangerous.

To finish off, RED at traffic lights whether they be at road juctions, road works or pelican crossings means STOP not “I can nip across whilst there is nothing coming!”

Alan Godfrey,