Turbines are still too tall for Tod

WHEN the plans for “two x 11kw Gaia wind turbines mounted on 18.0 lattice towers” at Bungalow Farm, Eastwood Road, were withdrawn and replaced by an application for “construction of two small scale wind turbines” it was hoped that the applicant had responded to Todmorden Council’s moorland policy which sets a maximum tower height of 12m.

Not so! The only change was in the wording - for small read 18m (60 ft). Todmorden Town Council recommended refusal of the turbines due to their “excessive” height. Unfortunately, whilest Calderdale Council may take note of their local policy, it is not part of their policy and will be only one of the many issues considered.

This application is of particular concern as the site is in a Special Landscape Area, close to Great Bridge Stones and looking across to Stoodley Pike. The lattice structures will be 25m (83ft) high from base to the tip of the blade and, being on the skyline, will be visible from far and wide.

The cumulative effect of the increasing number of wind turbines at domestic properties, together with the existing and proposed wind farms, is in danger of turning the hillsides around Todmorden into an industrial landscape!

We have some of the finest panoramic views in the South Pennines - they are worthy of preservation. If you share these concerns, then make representations to Calderdale Council now.

Di and Richard Wharmby,