Unconvincing majority

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JUST call me suspicious, or grumpy, or even a suspicious grumpy.

I see that most local traders have a leaflet thanking people for their support and “victory” at getting the Sainsbury application kicked into touch. But just when was the local referendum held that returned a result that convinces me that the rejection outcome was truly representative of the opinion of most Tod folk and not just the lobbying of, in the main, local traders and narrow interest groups?

I can’t understand why the suggestion from D Whitt (letters, June 30) for a supermarket at Hope Street and a marina at Derdale Street didn’t gain more support. This seemed like a golden opportunity to get both a premier league supermarket and also a marina. Was the suggestion just plain inappropriate and unworkable, or was it not debated more widely because it was unwelcome and obstructed the Sainsbury Hope Street objectors’ strategy and bias?

I hope that Sainsburys do appeal. In that case maybe, just maybe, we can then go through a process that leads to a rather more democratically arrived, for or against. But please, let’s have an outcome that has credibility and is supportable in that it is truly representative of local opinion.

Geoff Evans (by email)