Unrealistic, without considering finance

In response to Mr Firth’s letter regarding the state of Heptonstall graveyard - whilst not being directly involved with Heptonstall parish, as treasurer of St Mary’s Todmorden I have a great deal of sympathy and support for Heptonstall church in this matter.

Our own graveyard at Cross Stone is a constant drain on our resources. It is unrealistic for people to expect the local parish church to continue to maintain graves for many decades with no thought as to how this work is financed.

Municipal cemeteries have a regular income from burials and cremation fees to help to fund their maintenance, which is not the case for graveyards that have not been taken over by the local authority. I wonder if Mr Firth has on any of his visits to this graveyard made any donation to the local church as a contribution towards the cost of upkeep?

Dave Payne, Todmorden.