Vet story raises question over health centre’s Sunday service

I READ with interest the article concerning the business man who had treatment at the vets for a cut hand.

It is unfortunate that our state of the art Medical Centre does not have the facilities to treat accident and emergencies, particularly if you are one of the third of residents in Todmorden who do not own a car - the nearest hospital being twelve miles away.

However what I find equally worrying is that the walk in centre is now closed on a Sunday. I don’t remember any publicity about the change in opening hours, but then many people are unaware of the existence of this out of hours service.

The centre is situated upstairs in the Medical Centre and is accessed by speaking into an intercom at the side of the building.

I would be interested to know how we obtain medical treatment on Sundays now in Todmorden or is it a trip to Halifax?

Mrs K. Byrne (non car owner)

by email