Visitors impressed by spirit of sharing

Passing over plates of food to try at Todmorden Oddfellows' barbecue
Passing over plates of food to try at Todmorden Oddfellows' barbecue

It’s been another incredible month, with more visitors coming and staying even longer booked into the town’s hotel and B&Bs.

One group of visitors from Belgium were delighted at being given plates piled high with sausages, ribs and all kinds of treats by Todmorden Oddfellows, who just happened to be having a barbecue outside their hall as the Incredible tour passed by on the tow path.

When the visitors peeped over to see where the delicious smells were coming from, there was not a seconds hesitation in offering to share - what wonderful kind folk.

Having been welcomed into a private home for dinner the night before, they were certainly impressed by the generosity of spirit that is to be found in our town.

Being good trencher men and women after tucking away all those ribs and sausages, they still had room for some of the now internationally renowned Todmorden pies, and at the end of the tour went to a town centre café for something to eat, they certainly liked our local food.

We were also visited by a photographer and journalist from German magazine Nido.

They had come to write an article about growing in public places and incredible edible families, interviewing young parents with small children about growing food and involving the little ones from an early age.

In the evening they visited the Incredible Farm to see the junior farmers’ club that meets at there every Wednesday evening, and they were extremely impressed with our town. Positive, upbeat articles about Todmorden must be a good thing and may bring even more visitors to boost our town’s economy.

As well as day trips by groups from other parts of the country, last month we had groups from Belgium, Sweden, Germany, France and the USA, all staying in Tod and saying they want to come back to sample more Tod hospitality.