Vital to support local businesses

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Saturday December 6 was small business Saturday and gives us all a chance to remember how much we owe our business community.

Calderdale has one of the highest numbers of small businesses start ups of any local authority in the country.

As well as being the bedrock of our local economy, I’ve been hugely impressed by the way our businesses have rallied round in defence of our community, from responding to floods to working together on projects like the ‘festive fandango’ in Hebden bridge to market the work of local businesses.

Labour have a wide range of policies for small businesses including clamping down on late payments from big businesses and cutting then freezing business rates, which have risen by over £1,500 under this government.

We all have a responsibility to support our small businesses ourselves too.

With local businesses we have a choice between using it or losing it.

This Christmas if everyone wants to contribute to our local community one of the best ways is to use our local shops.

Josh Fenton-Glynn

Labour candidate for the

Calder Valley