Warning light...

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Two things strike me regarding the new Asda plans; first, while I would be happy to take advantage of Asda’s cheaper prices and choice, I feel that having a permanent set of traffic lights in our town centre is too high a price to pay.

People who travel through the town enjoy a relatively congestion free drive but we all know what happens when temporary lights are set up anywhere near the town centre. At busy times the traffic always ends up queueing back to the town hall roundabout causing gridlock but we put up with it because its temporary. Imagine if it was forever. The second point concerns the use of the art deco façade. I find it odd that anyone thinks retaining that white elephant is a good idea while in the same newspaper there is a piece discussing the demolition of Ferney Lee School which is far more appealing building. I’m all for keeping history alive, but only if it’s worth saving.

A. Lord,