Waste project isn’t right for ratepayers

I read with considerable incredulity the article in The Todmorden News (July 4) about the closure of the Eastwood Tip.

There was no mention of any kind of emergency measures during the time the rebuilding work is taking place bearing in mind that for Todmorden people there will be an additional cost to drive the round trip of 25 miles to dispose of their waste, this is in addition to the cost we have already paid for a service we do not get i.e. weekly collections.

This has not been thought through enough and smacks of the typical attitude adopted by this council to its ratepayers.

Surely there are sites around Todmorden that could hold the containers at least for garden and household waste and could be replaced at intervals.

It isn’t as though they are required anywhere else and the staff could still be used to supervise.

As to the phrase in the article that states “we’ve worked hard with local people to get this project right” - poppycock!

The project isn’t right - it might be for Calderdale and Sita - but it isn’t for us.

It has probably been thought up by the same person or persons who thought it such a good idea to have elderly people haul their garden waste up flights of steps and then have to lift it to dispose of it.