We all have to make case for flood funds

I wonder if we can expect anything more from the government to help pay for the flood repair and recovery work now that David Cameron has said that he will “look at” the need for more funding.

It’s just not fair that, of an initial cost of £2.6m as reported to Calderdale Council’s Cabinet, we have had just £80,000 from the government’s Bellwin scheme.

There are two parts to this issue: First, there has been the need to do immediate repair work of the damage that was caused in June/July last year. That work was done, not only by the council, but also the other public organisations responsible for the local environment. It was extremely disappointing that nothing much has come so far from the visits of the Great and Good in the immediate aftermath.

Then there’s the longer-term repair, protection and resilience work to make sure that the infrastructure (walls, drains, roads) are in a fit state to cope with future floods, as well as helping people and businesses protect premises.

It seems that the council may have to simply pay the bill for the immediate work but I want to make sure that we’ve done our utmost to make the case for support from national government. I expect our MP Craig Whittaker to play a leading role in this: and the Prime Minister to seriously consider how the government can help.