We can make town a success with Sainsbury’s - and it’s not a dream

THE concept of a wonderful marina, with 52 boats, in the middle of Todmorden is an attractive thought - but an impossible dream.

The money that’s needed to develop such a sceme could not be raised or justified. It would take more than one lifetime to get a return on an investment this big.

Sainsbury’s however have already planned to spend money with us and we should welcome this with enthusiasm.

Sainsbury’s will spend a lot of money on the launch. If the council and the market traders approached them and combined resources we could attract visitors from out of town.

Rochdale and Littleborough do not have a Sainsbury’s.

The Rochdale Market does not have the atmosphere of our market and Rochdale does not have the equivalent of our unique shopping streets, Water Street and Patmos.

The population of the Rochdale area is over 200 thousand - this should be our target for attracting visitors.

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