We can’t support more than two

WHAT a great idea to have a marina, hotel, cafes etc. for this site.

In all the discussion about a potential Sainsbury’s the crucial thing is that certainly in the past 23 years to my knowledge Todmorden has never been able to support more than two supermarkets and the market.

After Safeway and KwikSave came, the Co-op shut and then later after Lidl and Morrisons set up Netto closed. The fear now is that it would be the market that succumbed and what a nasty derelict hole that would leave in the middle of Tod.

Not only that but the regular market stalls are family businesses that support a network of local people. Other individually owned businesses would be at risk as Sainsbury’s will have a butcher and in-house bakery.

Those local enterprise failures would provide the people taking up the new jobs as employees of a major national plc., with no net employment gain to the community and Tod becoming another clone town.

If there is any possibility of realistic money being available to develop this site as an attractive leisure facility please let’s have it.

And let it have the true flavour of Tod about it. Incredible Edible have magicked up money for a truly green and individual local initiative.

Can there not be some sort of link or tie in to that type of development that brings people in and makes money for the town as well as the developer?

Anne Mountfort,