We do have a health alternative

I HAVE good news for Anonymous of Walsden (letters, November 3) and her problem trying to see a doctor at Todmorden General Practice.

Having suffered similarly myself several years ago - in pain on Monday morning, all appointments gone, told to ring NHS Direct and only grudgingly given an emergency appointment on Friday afternoon - I discovered by accident two years ago that there is a straightforward alternative.

On the top floor of the shiny new Health Cehjntre is another NHS General Practice - Calder Community Practice. It is open Monday to Saturday from 8am, closing at 7pm on weekdays and 6pm on Saturdays. All appointments are not gohne by 8.10am and I have always been able to see a doctor when I needed to.

All you need do is fill in a simple form and register with them as a patient. All you have to lose is your feelings of frustration, anger and powerlessness.

Anonymous of Shore