We do need more competition

MY mother, brother and I are in favour of the building of Sainsbury’s on Halifax Road.

It would bring much needed jobs to the area.

What good would a marina be? Just another place for the drunks and druggies to hang out, besides costing the town an absolute fortune.

We feel if we put all the supermarkets we’ve got at the moment together we wouldn’t have a good one.

Morrison’s is far too expensive because they haven’t any real competition, Lidl you don’t know what your getting as it’s all from abroad, and as for One Stop that also is too expensive.

As an example a box of Ready Brek is £1.99 where as in the Skipton Morrisons it’s £1.26. They don’t sell the biggish box at Morrison’s here, they only sell the very small box and that’s £1.47.

I’ll sign off for now and hope sending this e-mail does some good, and hope it makes the council wake up and smell the coffee.

Debbie, Brenda and Miles Feather, Todmorden.