We have to sort out the debts and use our resources wisely - and that includes libraries

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Todmorden Library''originally: 05 February 2002 JobNo: 53670 'ext pics of TODMORDEN LIBRARY 3 frank brooks -tdlib1-3ab-

FRANK McManus is sadly typical of the head-in-the-sand Labour politician, who believes that if you pretend there’s not a huge financial crisis, it will go away.

His rather silly letter trying to pin the blame for the huge debt crisis and the need to resolve it on Nick Clegg is more a product of an over fertile imagination than a serious political analysis.

Everyone knows that his Labour Government continued to borrow money in the good years, when they should have been paying off debt, thus landing us with a wholly unsustainable financial position, when Labour was thrown out in 2010.

Everyone knows that the last Labour Government allowed the banks and the City of London to rise roughshod over the interests of ordinary people and by their insatiable greed to create the economic crisis of 2008.

All of us would rather things were different and that the necessity to pay off debt was not an economic and political imperative, but that’s the position and it must be sorted out.

A judicious mix of paying down debt and restructuring the economy is the correct approach and Frank would be better persuading his own party to admit their failure in getting us into this mess than criticising the coalition, who are trying to get us out of it.

One only has to look at Greece, Italy, Ireland and Portugal to see what sort of state the UK would be in if the government had not acted to tackle our hugely inflated debts.

Calderdale Council has launched a consultation on libraries – with the full support of his own Labour Councillor colleagues in the Calderdale cabinet – to ask the public for their views on ways of saving £150,000 from the libraries’ budget.

This is not because they have already decided what they are going to do, but because they genuinely want to know what people think BEFORE decisions are made.

I have responded to the consultation and suggested a number of other alternatives to the possible money saving ideas in the consultation.

For example, I have suggested using library buildings more widely for special events where an entry fee is charged or amalgamating libraries into other local authority owned buildings, like schools, to save on heat, light and space – not really relevant in Todmorden, but possible elsewhere.

I strongly urge all the people of Todmorden to get involved in this consultation and to ignore the doomsayers like Frank McManus.

Dr Michael Taylor,

Owlers Walk,