We hope their appeal is successful

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TURNING down the Sainsbury’s application was a sad day for the shops and residents of Todmorden.

Todmorden deserves an upmarket supermarket as much as other towns like Colne (where the High Street has just one empty shop).

Sainsbury’s would have helped our market and local shops by increasing the footfall. Instead, thousands of us will continue to travel out of town each week to do our shopping.

Of course Calderdale Council are delighted as this decision will help protect jobs in Halifax. The rival supermarket group, Walmart, are also delighted. They already have permission to build. The architect’s idea of a marina certainly distracted people from Sainsbury’s bid.

The marina idea will now be forgotten. However, we must hope that Sainsbury’s appeal is successful and we will not have to see that derelict site for the next 20 years.

Peter and Sandra Thornton, Lydgate