We must keep up pressure over health

The Coalition Government got a good drubbing in May’s elections – so bad that the Greens pushed the Liberal Democrats into fourth place in London – but predictably Cameron and Clegg are not for turning. They intend to pursue their austerity package, the main bulk of it yet to be enacted.

The Coalition intends to carry on with its health reforms, privatisation by any other name. These reforms will remove patient care as the number one priority with a financial priority that will see private companies rake off big profits. We and many others have been trying to explain to them, GPs are only one (very important) part of the complex healthcare system. To give them virtually all of the money is skewing the priorities still further.

The public know that the last Labour Government’s PFI structure for the NHS has cost millions and helped pave the way for this present Government’s policies.

If the Coalition is not prepared to listen to the voters and the public then we should give our support to all those groups still fighting the NHS reforms. The NHS is precious, it defines a society that cares and values all its citizens. We must continue to defend it!

Kate Sweeny and Charles Gate,

Calderdale Green Party.