We need info before we can assess value

Commercial Street,


At the end of your report on the decision made by Todmorden Council to commit further funds to keep two PCSOs (Todmorden News, March 10), you ask if that funding will benefit Todmorden.

The question is unanswerable without further information about the two PCSOs and what they actually do.

The article says that the councillors are “full of praise for the service that they provide.”

Councillor David o’Neill says that “the PCSOs do a good job and have helped the town a great deal. It’s been a really good scheme.”

Inspector Allan Raw states that “they are part of the team and I couldn’t do the job I do without them.”

All very laudable but with complete respect for these young women what do the PCSO’s do on a daily basis to warrant these comments.

We are told that in the past year PCSO Doughty has been presented with the Divisional Commander’s Commendation and PCSO Stead has been awarded a certificate of merit.

What are these awards and why did the officers have them presented to them?

When we have the relevant information we can then give an informed opinion as to the value of PCSOs to our town.

Terry Sharphouse