We think HX marks the spot

Harvelin Park,


I MOST wholeheartedly support Margery King’s views on the anomaly cause by the Post Office designating Todmorden as an outpost of Oldham and back her recommendation for a referendum on changing our postcode.

On the Post Office’s website regarding postcodes it states: “The first one or two letters is the postcode area and it identifiesthe main Royal Mail sorting office which will process the mail.”

However, towards the end of last year they closed down their Oldham sorting office and I believe Todmorden mail now goes to a Manchester sorting office, which may go a long way to explaining why I am still receiving Christmas cards!

Can we therefore assume the Post Office will now change our postcode to a Manchester one, making the situation even more ridiculous, or is it the right time for us Todmordians to insist we have a postcode which reflects the fact we live in West Yorkshire, pay our Council Tax to Calderdale and are governed locally by Calderdale?

The Royal Mail introduced postcodes over a period from 1959 to 1974 and they were devised solely for sorting and directing mail, but over the years have become geographical and administrative references in their own right and are now synonymous with certain towns and districts.

Furhter, they are used by organisations for other purposes, eg the calculation of car and insurance premiums and for credit referencing.

So apart from being linked to Oldham, in Greater Manchester with which Todmorden has little connection, we are penalised by the OL14 designation as insurance companies assess risk as being higher in urban areas and cities, and therefore our premiums are higher.

Other towns in England have successfully campaigned for a change in their postcodes (Hoylake is one), so it is an anomaly which should be corrected and I hope people support a proposed referendum.


Hollins Road,


I AM in full agreement with the views expressed in your paper regarding the postcode OL14.

Todmorden, like Halifax, is in Calderdale.

The postcode should reflect this for Todmordians.

I would welcome the opportunity of a referendum.