Well done Josh. You’ll have a fine line to tread

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Having been a dispassionate observer of the Labour selection in Calder Valley I would like to offer my congratulations to Josh Fenton-Glynn on his selection.

Having had the nomination of just one branch, compared to the six which nominated Simon Young, this seems to be a remarkable achievement.

As his selection has coincided with Ed Miliband’s announcement that “we cannot reverse any cut in day to day, current spending unless it is fully funded from cuts elsewhere or extra revenue – not from more borrowing” he will have a difficult line to tread as his more extreme left-wing colleagues wish to pursue their own agendas.

Before we get to that though, I hope he will address the worrying stories that are coming out about the way the selection contest was conducted, with one prominent Calder Valley Labour campaigner tweeting about being “personally targeted.” Whether these are substantive allegations, or just the bitterness of defeat, I hope they can be cleared up.

Hywel Morgan,

Calderdale Liberal Democrat candidate, 2011.