What was Sir Bernard’s role, post-Hillsborough?

Following the revelations about the cover-up and conspiracy by the South Yorkshire Police following the Hillsborough disaster, I feel there is still much to be exposed.

According to Fact Sheet Two: Hillsborough and the Taylor Report, from the Football Industry Group (and I quote directly): “Thatcher’s Press Secretary, Bernard Ingham, has frequently repeated the allegations made by the ‘Sun’.”

Ingham was of course, very close to Margaret Thatcher before, at the time of, and after the Hillsborough disaster.

It now appears to be highly likely that Thatcher, at least, knew that the Sun newspaper and the South Yorkshire Police were collaborating in spreading lies to blame the dead for the mass slaughter that we now, at last, know was the fault, firstly, of the police, and to a lesser extent, of the ambulance service (presumably at the behest of the police).

Unfortunately, Lady Thatcher would now appear to be beyond questioning about her role in this foul conspiracy.

Would Sir Bernard be prepared to explain his role in all this subsequent to April 15, 1989?

Mick Piggott,