When trees are root of problem

Perhaps you would be interested in printing this photograph. It is of a tree root, 8’ long, which was blocking our sewage pipe.

The roots were growing inside the pipe, and my husband (Geoffrey Beardwood), together with our plumber, Darren Coates, pulled it out. We had a terrible smell in our kitchen, and eventually discovered that the drains were blocked. We certainly didn’t expect to find a tree root to be the cause of it!

For a long time now, my husband has been concerned about trees growing too near to property (he was in the building trade), because of the damage which roots can cause to the building. House insurance companies now ask how close a tree is to the property before they calculate the premium. At a time when so many trees are being planted, is it also a time to question just where they are?

Janet Beardwood, Todmorden.