Why can’t we book an appointment?

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Could someone please explain the workings of Todmorden Health Centre?

Why we patients cannot get an appointment?

We are told to ring at 8am, but every morning they are fully booked at that time.

Four days of ringing and being told to ring again next day, and I receive the same answer.

Upstairs is a wlk-in clinic but I was told that we cannot usae it, it is for Hebden Bridge.

How come, they have facilities don’t they?

The receptionists in our centre tell us that there is no pre-bookings. There must be, or how are the books full at 8am?

I have given up the ghost of seeing a doctor.

At 84, I cannot walk well, I have to book a taxci every time the receptionists tell you to be there at 9am (if you get an appointment).

All patients are complaining.

Mrs B. Williams