Why the bright light on Pike?

Please can someone tell me why a light has appeared on Stoodley Pike?

It has been there for a few weeks, and I am quite mystified by it.

As an object it is quite small, fixed to one of the side walls of the monument, quite high up, but well below the parapet.

As a light it is very bright as it can be seen from the town, and I imagine it must be solar powered.

I don’t understand why it is there, or what its purpose is. It can only be seen from certain angles and so can hardly be a way-marker, and indeed one is hardly necessary on such a prominent building.

I would dearly love to know who put it there, why, and how long it is going to remain.

It takes away some of the wildness of the moor, the lonely grandeur of the monument silhouetted against the night sky, and it will lessen the drama of the rising moon in winter.

Jennifer Moorhouse,