Will he pay for all who agree?

I agree with Andy Wilson ( last week’s letters page ) that it is nice to walk along the canal bank to Hebden Bridge (if you can avoid all the dog dirt, but that’s another letter ) and go to the Picture House. The point is we already owned the Picture House by paying our council tax to Calderdale, and they were not going to close it down, so his little walks would not be spoiled.

Now “we” have taken it over from Calderdale I presume we do not get a reduction in council tax because we are saving them the expense of running it. But we DO get to pay extra to Hebden Royd for the privilege, and although they say the precept increase to upgrade the facility is only for one year this must be in some doubt as wages and maintenance are ongoing expenses year on year and will certainly increase with time.

It is also interesting to note that “people come from Burnley, Nelson and Colne etc” to use this great facility. When we go to Burnley, for example, to visit Townley Hall, which is funded by the council tax payers of Burnley we have to pay to enter. If however you live in Burnley and provide proof of this you can enter for free. Will this be something we can look forward to at the Picture House? I won’t hold my breath!

Finally I would love for Mr Wilson to pay my part of the precept increase, and if he is willing to do the same for the many other people who I know agree with my sentiments we will form an orderly queue to his door if he will just leave his address for us.

Allan Walker