Archers’ Nick is county compound champion

NICK Crowther, a White Rose Archers member, became the Yorkshire Compound Champion at the Yorkshire Archery Championship at Wetherby.

The Archers held the annual St George/Albion tournament in which the men shoot the St George and the women the Albion rounds consisting of three dozen arrows at each distance 100/80; 80/60and 60/50yards. The juniors shoot a junior Windsor, 40; 30 and 20 yards. This is a handicap shoot so all bow types can shoot equally.

Men: 1, Ian Wright, Longbow; 2, Ian Reynolds, Compound; 3, David Bloomer, Recurve.

Women: 1, Julie-Anne Thomas, Longbow; 2, Janice Parrot, Recurve, 3, Diana Wyatt, Barebow.

Juniors: 1, Ben Fitton, Recurve; 2, James Kay, Recurve.

Best golds: senior, Ian Reynolds; junior, James Kay. Worst white: senior, Steve Tilston; junior James Kay.