Chess score better for some than others

THREE of Hebden Bridge Chess Club’s teams playing at home recently ended in the same score, 3-2, although this was better for some teams than others.

The A team took on one of their rivals for the top spot in the first division of the Calderdale Chess League, Courier A.

The visitors were strengthened by new member Kevin Winter, but Hebden Bridge A had their top player, Matthew Parsons, back in the line-up after a few weeks’ absence, and the result narrowly went Hebden’s way.

The individual results were: M. Parsons ½, J. Morgan ½; D. Ursal 1, D. Patrick 0; D. Shapland 0, R. Clegg 1; P. Leonard 1, K. Winter 0; N. Sykes ½, D. Colledge.

The B team, struggling for points at the foot of the first division, unfortunately had to default two boards to their opponrnts, Brighouse, due to the absence of regular players.

This was doubly unfortunate, as the results of the games they played went their way, but the defaults led to their 3-2 defeat.

The individual results were: M. Wedge-Roberts ½, R. Broadbent ½; A. Leatherbarrow ½, B. Bendall ½; M. Syrett 1, N. Hudson 0; default 0, D. Breen 1; default 0, R. Grandage 1.

The D team’s match against Todmorden C featured the return of the club’s former junior star, Robert Murray, to the great relief of captain Dan Crampton.

Murray won his game on board 1, and Crampton celebrated by coming back from a piece and two pawns down to win a close ending. The other results, however, went to the visitors, and the D team went down 3-2 in the end.

The individual results were: R. P. D. Murray 1, T. Webster 0; C. Greaves 0, D. Milton 1; T. Wilton-Davies 0. R. Stoelman 1; K. Sharpe 0, R. Pratt 1; D. Crampton 1, B. Joyce