Contentious quiz tie, but otcome not affected

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HOUNDS B’s Todmorden Quiz League success continued after they beat Weavers.

At Shannon the home team briefly held the lead after the first round but Jacks pulled away as the match progressed and ended up easy winners.

A contentious match at Polished Knob resulted in a victory for the home team against Woodpecker but some answers were picked out as incorrect - luckily this did not affect the outcome.

In contrast to last week’s defeat Cornholme’s workmen posted the highest score of the night in beating Bridge End.

Another team to crash down to earth were Tod CC who after last week’s highest score posted this week’s lowest in their defeat by Bird@Queen. The cricketers fell way behind in the first round and never recovered. Hounds A’s resurgent form continued with a victory at home to Royal George.

Results: Weavers 53, Hare and Hounds B 68; Shannon 61, Jacks House 68; Polished Knob 65, Woodpecker 57; Bridge End 65, Cornholme WMC 72; Todmorden CC 45, Bird@Queen 64; Hare and Hounds A 63, Royal George 52.

Fixtures for March 9: Weavers v Jack’s House; Hare and Hounds B v Woodpecker; Shannon v Cornholme WMC; Polished Knob v Bird@Queen; Bridge End WMC v Royal George; Todmorden CC v Hare and Hounds A.