Cross-channel homing results

TEN members of Todmorden Homing Society had 137 birds at Carenton for the season’s first cross-Channel race.

Liberated into a light east wind with reports of gusts up to 30mph on the channel and fresh at the home end, this would be a test of the fittest.

First bird into town was a yearling hen flying 307 miles to the loft of Kevin Thorp at Lydgate in six hours 51 minutes.

It was followed a minute later by another to take first and second club prizes with the third going to Phil Williams.

Next week’s race is from Cheltenham.

Result: 1, K. Thorp, 1313.46; 2, K. Thorp, 1310.12; 3, P. Williams, 1282.36; 4, P. Gater, 1268.38; 5, K. Thorp, 1232.59; 6, Fleming and Son, 1226.99; 7, P. Williams, 1216.16l 8, Mr and Mrs Gengler, 1211.93; 9, P. Williams, 1199.73; 10, B. Sheard, 1194.31; 11, Fleming and Son, 1170.93; 12, Cullinane and Son, 1147.20; 13, F. Hunter, 1137.97; 14, Winterbottom and Pomfret, 1108.07.

l GERRY and Sam Marley recorded their third win in the last five races when taking the top two positions in Luddenden Foot Homing Society’s first cross-Channel race of the season from France last Saturday.

They had seven minutes to spare over Geoff and Michael Wilson’s duo which flew the 307.5 miles to arrive at their loft within eight seconds of each other to take third and fourth positions.

Adrian and Rowan Leach had a pair of hens to finish fifth and sixth.

The race however was all about the Marleys whose winner took seven hours and 17 minutes in a light east wind and finished six minutes in front of its year younger loftmate.

All the pools, nomination, pontoon and the final of the latest knock-out competition were won giving them a very healthy £78.

To top it off the winner finished third in the Pennine Valleys Federation behind the Shaw family at Skipton and Ron Hillcoat at Sowerby Bridge.

Result: 1, W G & S Marley, 1235; 2, W G & S Marley, 1218; 3, G Wilson & Son, 1215; 4, G Wilson and Son, 1214; 5, Leach Brothers, 1212; 6, Leach Brothers, 1193; 7, T Divers, 1190; 8, G Wilson & Son, 1179; 9, C B Shepherd, 1168; 10, M Coulter, 1145; 11, G Wilson & Son, 1137.49; 12, Poyser & Smith, 1137.44; 13, G Wilson & Son, 1136; 14, W G & S Marley, 1130; 15, Grogan & Lumb,1115.

This Saturday’s race is from Cheltenham