Domino Pairs knockout draw

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THE draw for Todmorden Dominoes League’s Pairs Knockout competition, to be played on April 8, is as follows, with a scratch time of 8.30pm.

At TWMC: R. and M. Hughes, G. Montgomery and W. Stansfield, A. and S. Whitham, B. Cannon and M. Watson, T. Haynes and L. Colclough, S. and S. Smith.

At Bridge End WMC: C. Donoghue and J. Hallinan, L. Hughes and J. Foulds, M. Greenwood and A. Law, D. Tilley and A. Smith, R. Godsman and L. Halliday, T. Cameron and G. Greenwood, P. Sutcliffe and V. Royal, L. Earnshaw and S. Morris.

At Hare and Hounds: P. Barker and E. Lyons, M. and J. Crowther, B. Earnshaw and J. Foulds, J. and T. Burrill; I. Roberts and S. Lord, H. Grice and A. Brennend.

At Catholic Club: S. Stansfield and M. Pearson, A. Coxon and L. Jackson, B. Thompson and I. Furminger, D. Jarvis and L. Haynes, L. Wells and J. Heyworth, A. Blackburn and A. Hinchcliffe.