Dominoes pairs draw

TODMORDEN Domino League pairs matches to be played on April 10 have been drawn with players to attend at the following venues.

At TWMSC: A. and A. Blackburn; J. Foulds and L. Hughes; Neil and B. Wilkinson; C. Donoghue and J. Hallinan; M. and J. Crowther; T. Cameron and G. Greenwood; I. Furminger and B. Thompson; B. Cannon and M. Watson; G. Heyworth and L. Wells; L. Jackson and A. Coxon; M. and R. Hughes; A. Law and M. Greenwood; A. and S. Whitham.

At Catholic Club: H. Grice and A. Brennend; V. Royal and P. Sutcliffe; T. and J. Burrill; S. Stansfield and M. Pearson; L. and T. Haynes; G. Montgomery and W. Stansfield; M. and S. Bayley; M. Newbould and A. Mix; B. Earnshaw and J. Foulds; L. Earnshaw and S. Morris; S. and S. Smith; D. Tilley and P. Headley; R. Godsman and L. Solk; E. Lyons and P. Barker.