Doms presentation details

THE presentations will take place on Sunday at the Royal British Legion (8.30pm) to winners of the Todmorden Dominoes League competitions.

Trophy winners are - A Division: winner, TWMSC ‘A’, runner-up British Legion ‘B’; fives and threes, British Legion ‘B’, runner up Glen View ‘B’; aggregate winner, S. Bayley, runner-up S.Morris.

B Division: winners, Catholic Club, runner-up Hare and Hounds; fives and threes, Fountain, runner-up Shannon B; aggregate winner, M. Greenwood, runner-up G. Greenwood.

Best league result, TWMSC ‘B’; singles knockout winner, L.Earnshaw, runner-up, D.Jarvis; pairs knockout, winners T.Cameron and G.Greenwood, runners-up, M.Greenwood and A.Law; fives and threes knockout, winners, L.Earnshaw and S.Morris, runners-up B.Earnshaw and J.Foulds; team knockout. winners, Cornholme Waggon, runners-up TWMSC ‘A’, semi finalists, York ‘B’ and Glen View ‘B’.