Burnley fans voted fifth sexiest in the Premier League

Burnley fans have been voted the fifth sexiest in the Premier League
Burnley fans have been voted the fifth sexiest in the Premier League

Burnley supporters have been ranked as one of the sexiest groups in the Premier League.

Liverpool fans lead the way in the top flight according to the study conducted by Free Super Tips, with rival fans responding to which following they would most like to sleep with and which they find the most attractive.

Burnley fans were ranked fifth in the poll with 10% of the vote while Chelsea (20%), Manchester United (18%) and Arsenal (17%) made up the top five. Fans of Tottenham Hotspur rounded off the top six with 9% of the vote.

The findings revealed that more than a quarter of fans (26%) would choose to sleep with a Liverpool fan over any other team.

The news will put partners of fans travelling to Anfield on edge this season with 55 per cent of Premier League fans also admitting that they would like to have sex with a rival supporter.

At the other end of the table, the results see Southampton supporters named as the league’s least sexy with only 1% of fans saying that they’d want to jump in to bed with them, with the

Saints also winning the title of least attractive supporters.

Fellow strugglers in the ‘sack race’ include Yorkshire’s solo Premier League side Sheffield United with only 2% saying they would bed a Blade, along with Watford who also only claimed 2%.

Much like the clubs they support, the mid-table teams seem to be getting as much action off the pitch as their teams created on it.

Newcastle United finished 10th out of the most-beddable fans with 7% of the vote, while Crystal Palace followed in 11th (6%), Everton in 12th (6%) and Bournemouth in 13th (5%).

Jake Apperley, a spokesperson for Free Super Tips, said: “The survey shows an interesting attitude football fans have towards other clubs.

“Fans tend to have a negative perception of the top six so it’s extraordinary to see that majority of supports would want to bed one of their supporters.”