Clarets Corner by John Greenwood: It’s been a great season so far - and long may it continue into 2014

Seen you somewhere before...former Claret Chris McCann and Danny Ings fight for the ball at Wigan
Seen you somewhere before...former Claret Chris McCann and Danny Ings fight for the ball at Wigan
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So December ended with a further away draw - and Burnley still nestled nicely in the top three as New Year approaches.

After the long, hard slog that comprised the first five months of 2013, Clarets fans can be happy with where they are at the end of the year, tribute to Sean Dyche’s management skills, and very much on a budget.

It is certainly a far better position thatn we might possibly have been in, and despite wins being harder to find of late, Burnley have only lost three times in the first four and a half months of the season.

And with more home games to come they can be confident that more chances will be taken and the wins will start coming again.

There couldn’t be a better game to start with, against Huddersfield at Turf Moor on New Year’s Day.

The Terriers have bitten Burnley well and truly on the last three occasions they have met, and sometimes a hoodoo needs laying to rest to clear the path forward.

Championship football is tough - look at Barnsley and Yeovil, both struggling yet capable of playing some good football, as we witnessed at Turf Moor.

You need a cutting edge, and Burnley are lucky they have two in Danny Ings and Sam Vokes, with, at the time of writing, fitness remaining good by and large.

There have been rumours of potential Sean Dyche targets during the January transfer window, mostly front men, and the cover would surely be welcomed.

Given the financial situation within which Burnley have to operate - and these days there really isn’t any point hapring on about “no ambition” (I suspect everyone at the club has ambition but there are limits to what can be afforded and the potential chasm clubs can fall into would be of an altogether larger scale than it would have been in 1986-87) it’s been a great season so far. And long may it continue.